by Bonfire Blue

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Chris Conway – Guitar & Vocals
Benjamin Adams – Drums
Mike Crellin – Bass
Jake Farber – Keyboards
All Songs Written by Bonfire Blue
Lyrics by Chris Conway
Engineered, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Jim Anderson
Drums on Frozen by Alex Audette
Album Art:
Cover Painting – “Brothers” by Dave Douglas
Album Layout – Stephanie Cook
Special Thanks to…
Elise Renard, Joey Lafyatis, Kristina Riccio & Everyone at Green Line Records; Jim Anderson; Dave Douglas; Stephanie Cook; Hannah Dunscombe; Nate Shipley; Alex Audette; Lindsay Baer; Robert Penn Warren; Allie Thek; Jackie Keffas &
© Bonfire Blue 2014

Released with Support & Distribution through Green Line Records
Twitter: @BonfireBlue


released 21 January 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: World Enough & Time
*Inspired by the Robert Penn Warren Novel of the same name.

I built our house
Of Sticks and mud, Oh no,
We got to make it work

It reminds me now
When I see your face
That I don’t believe in anything
And I’ll wonder, Oh,
Why I’ve felt this way for so Long?
I feel the ache down to my bones
To my bones

Where there’s no justice
I’ll make my own
With a conscious clear
And heart of stone

My arm will bring justice
Oh I’ll cut him down
For this love I’ve found
I’d risk the gallows shroud
Track Name: Frozen
Feeling bored
Then tie me up
Feeling cold
Then fill your cup
‘Cause I've got the time and room for two
And I might might might might as well share it with you

Feeling cold
Warm me up
‘Cause all I know
Is that I know nothing at all
Am I going, our staying?
Going or staying?
Frozen or faithless?
Track Name: Drink Alone
Well doesn’t it seem
That all our wildest nights come during our lowest lows
Makes you think that maybe the Devil knows
When it’s easiest to break your will

Be on your guard
Even the kindest hearts can drink his swill
Oh endless glut for mindless thrills
But at least we don’t have to drink alone

Oh God, my long lost love
I want to call you tonight to see if you’re still real
Makes me wonder, is this how my parents feel
But I’m still too selfish to pick up the phone

Well now that our gardens gone
I’ll wear you like an ivy crown
For there’s still some comfort to be found
So long as I don’t have to drink alone

When your ghost appears
Veiled in a pale white shroud
I find myself asking how
Am I still haunted after all these years?

But then I’ll drown away my fears
Making the Devil proud
How ‘bout you go buy another round
While I sing Hallelujah
Track Name: Wide Eyes/Good Fear
I’m a speechless son
And right now you’re to blame
For every boy’s jacket gone
That you’ll sleep with and bite the sleeves

You’re taking it right back to where it starts
You’re taking it right back to where it starts
Wide eyes good fear
You’re taking it all back, all back
Wide eyes good fear
You’re taking it all back, all back

(Your guess is as good as mine)